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Hump Day

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Well today is hump day. Day four of seven, so it’s all downhill from here, just three days to go. I had the most varied meal of the challenge tonight. I was waiting for dinner on hump day to open the red kidney beans, so I did that, and added about 10 of those, the last of the sardines, some oil, a small amount of lentils and of course rice and cumin.  I won’t be having such a varied meal again, as there are no sardines left, and no new ingredients to add. Not sure it made that much of a difference to be honest. The kidney beans have salt and sugar added, so that was the sweetest thing I have had in 4 days. The lack of sweetness is definitely one of the hardest things about the challenge. I have a major sweet tooth, so not being able to have anything sweet has been difficult. I’d love a piece of fruit even, it doesn’t have to be chocolate, or sugary treats, a simple apple, or orange would be amazing.

I know I can have whatever I want on Sunday. I can’t help but think how hard it must be eating like this, and not being able to see ahead to a day when there will be more food, and more variety. Especially for the children.

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