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Lots of Love, Jeff

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This is the introduction to a book I produced of my brother’s song lyrics, called Lots of Love, Jeff


He was my little brother, but he was our gentle giant. He was a big boy, Jeff Green was. At first he was just tall. A tall, stringy beanpole. That was before the medication got a hold of his biology and made him huge around the middle as well. For such a big man, he was very gentle. He was kind, loving and incredibly compassionate. You’ll see that come out in his writing. He bled for those less ¬†fortunate than himself. He tried to solve the world’s problems. I don’t know if his illness expounded his resolve or if he still would have written to the prime minister and the US president, but the feeling behind it was always there. Jeff always cared. Ever since he died I have wanted to do something with his writing, especially his songs. When I was set an assignment to create a publication, I threw a few ideas around in my head mostly involving using my own work. When the bolt of inspiration hit me with the idea to put together a book of Jeff’s songs, I developed a passion heretofore unknown in my school work. This project has obsessed me ever since. It became so much more than a class assignment. It is memorial to my brother, so it became especially important to do a good job. I hope I’ve succeeded; I think I have.

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